Content Writer (B2B Product Marketing)

Click Labs is looking for a creative Content Writer who will be a pivotal for setting up and managing entire content marketing game on various traffic and information channels like a website, blogs, emailers, social media sites such as linkedin , Facebook , Quora etc.

Location : Chandigarh


  • Experience - a) Non Engineers / Non-MBAs - At least 2 years in the relevant domain of Technical Writing. b) Engineers / MBA/ BCA / MCA - Freshers with the stronghold on technical writing & understanding of SaaS offerings ONLY can apply.
  • B.Tech, B.C.A, MBA, M.C.A preferred but you can be an English Literature, Law or Sciences Graduate if you have worked on digital technologies i.e, Apps, Websites, SEO, SaaS offerings, Paid Digital Marketing Campaigns etc.
  • Knowledge of Google keyword research tool, Google Adwords, and SEO.
  • The candidate should have a hands-on understanding of developing content for SaaS offerings such as Mobile App Development, Chatbots, Sales & Support, On-demand Service management, Specific content for supported verticals like - Food delivery, Fleet & Salesforce management Software, HealthCare etc.
  • An understanding of keywords and Meta tags - Ability to write web page titles, Meta tag descriptions, alt tags for images
  • Should have a likeness for somewhat technical research in areas of Product Features, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, Marketing Trends.
  • Immaculate writing skills and flawless communication. Flair for writing with an understanding of what works on the internet.


  • Content Marketing at Click Labs will be done for “ Engagement + Promotional Purpose “
  • By Engagement we mean , Content written solely for Client’s/Reader’s benefits - SaaS-based product articles,Blogs on Upcoming Industries,In-app features we build and that suits best our clients,Client’s Benefits Blogs,Technology Updates,Website Pages and anything that our clients would care and read about given the content alignment to their business interests.
  • By Promotional we mean, Content is written to convert a reader to our potential client - Website Landing Pages, Blogs, Ad Copies, Keywords Planning for Ads,E mail campaigns.

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